Jomily 是一個卡通品牌,目的為喚醒大眾愛護環境,環保節能,不分種族國籍一起努力,使地球充滿友愛及歡樂,成為可持續發展的樂土。卡通的主角Jo為一隻可愛的北極熊,北極家園因環境污染而受到極大破壞,因此踏上旅程,走訪不同地方呼籲愛護地球。

Jomily is a cartoon brand that aims to arouse people’s attention on environmental friendly and sustainability. The main character is a Polar Bear that his homeland is in threats due to pollutions and global warming. He start his journey to different countries to call for attention.


Jomily can be licensed to verious of channels, including Product licensing, Promotion licensing, and Subject licensing. Licensee is authorized to use Jomily characters to manufacture, distribute and sell the licensed products. Besides, Jomily characters could be a spokesman for media or event promotions.

Licensing Product:

  • Cookies

  • To Do List

  • Licensing

  • Notebook

  • Mooncake


Jomily 可作商品授權、宣傳授權、主題授權。代理商或生產商可使用Jomily 的角色或圖案設計商品,亦可使用 Jomily 的角色進行宣傳活動。歡迎各代理商或生產商洽談授權。


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